Breakaway Roping

$25K Added Breakaway Futurity

Feb 1st Breakaway Warm Up Jackpot

Feb 1st 12 & Under Boys

Feb 1st 12 & Under Girls

IMA Firefighter Breakway Slot Roping
2022 Champion $60K 7.83 on 2
Tibba Smith on
EDP Pepto Crackerjax
Slot Holder: H4 Ranch
Total Slot Race Earnings $70K

$10K Added Breakaway Derby Champion
Robin Montague riding Sanjos Streak N Turn
Owned by Robin Montague
Total Time 12.46 / Earning $4,361.60

Feb 3rd 12 & Under Boys & Girls  Breakaway

Feb 3rd 18 & Under Girls Breakaway

Feb 4th Open $15K Added Breakaway
Feb 5th 18 & Under Girls Breakaway

Feb 5th Open $10K Added Breakaway

Team Roping / Heading / Healing

Feb 1st Open Jackpot Team Roping

Cadillac Heading Slot
2022 Champion  $32K  25.85 on 4
Many Egusquiza on Firstt Rebel
Slot Holder: Bledsoe Cattle
Total Heading Slot Earnings $38K

Flingin Roses Healing Slot
by Dual Star Barred out of IMA Traveling Hickory
Slot Holder: Paul Eaves

$1000 Added Jr Elimination Team Roping

$10K Added Heading Futurity
$10,000 Added Heading Futurity Average Winner
JoJo Lemond - Joes Head Honcho
Owned by Jessica Lewis
2nd Time 6.34/Earnings $1,000
Total Time 27.12/Earnings $5,100

$10K Added Heeling Futurity
Avg Champion
Douglas Rich - Ima Dualin Cowboy
Owned by Paul Eaves
Total Time 26.76/Earnings $5,400

TieDown Calf Roping

$20K Added Tiedown Futurity

Feb 2nd TieDown Derby

Feb 2 $2500 Added Open TieDown

Feb 3rd  18 & Under TieDown

DM High Roller TieDown Slot
Marcos Costa riding Rey Of Paddy
Slot owned by Marcos Costa
Total Time 19.01 / Total Earnings $72,000

Feb 5th 15 & Under TieDown

Feb 5th 18 & Under TieDown

Breakaway Roping

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